Tandoori Ovens

Phoenix Tandoori Ovens combine traditional Indian cooking techniques with modern design elements resulting in an oven that produces outstanding cooking results.  All tandoors are made with superior thermal ceramic materials to ensure longevity and superior performance. Phoenix tandoors are available in a range of fuel options with a variety of impressive external shapes and finishes.


  • 3 Optional Fuel Types: Gas, Charcoal, Electric
  • Durable ceramic cooking surface
  • Large 530mm diameter internal cooking barrel as standard 
  • Variety of stunning external finishes including barrel, octagonal and conical shapes
  • Easy installation or relocation
  • Slim, concealed operating system
  • Structurally reinforced to ensure the internal pot does not need replacement
  • Insulated with high quality thermal materials to improve heat retention
  • 4 year structural guarantee





Round Tandoor


Square Tandoor


Barrel Tandoor

Internal Diameter (mm)


520mm ⌀

520mm ⌀

External Dimensions (mm)

850mm ⌀

850mm x 850mm

900mm ⌀

Phoenix Ovens Catalogue

Spec: Tandoor Round TR850C - charcoal

Spec: Tandoor Square TS850C - charcoal

Spec: Tandoor Round TR850G - gas fired

Spec: Tandoor Square TS850G - gas fired

Spec: Tandoor Square TS850E - electric

Spec: Tandoor Barrel TB900G - gas fired

Spec: Tandoor Barrel TB900E - electric heated

Design Excellence

Superior Performance

Exceptional Quality

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