Custom Installation at Conrad - China

Conrad Hangzhou Elec Grill Oven 1Located on the 26th floor of the 5 star luxury Conrad Hangzhou hotel, a custom Phoenix oven is the central design element of the Blue Willow brasserie. The electric heated oven is a true multi-   function unit complete with twin doors, char grill and simulated display feature flame for added visual impact. The restaurant provides an all-day menu including a selection of Mediterranean, Chinese and Asian inspired dishes prepared for guests live from the oven and open cooking stations.  

Mainland China is a dynamic market with significant activity and demand for custom cooking equipment. Electric heating is emerging as the dominant requirement. Phoenix are pleased to offer a range of electric ovens, duck ovens and grilling stations designed to meet each individual project. Conrad Hangzhou Elec Grill Oven



We would like to make special mention to Sidney Man and Constructive Consultant Co Ltd (CCCL HK) for the creative design direction on this project. 





Phoenix Ovens, Australian based manufacturer of stone hearth pizza ovens and feature cooking equipment, is pleased to announce today that it has agreed to be acquired by MARRONE, the Italian based leading manufacturer of custom cooking units for the international foodservice industry. The newly forged union merges unique core products and knowledge with the shared primary focus of designing and crafting outstanding display cooking equipment.

As part of MARRONE's continued expansion, the new acquisition of Phoenix Ovens will improve the business growth and product offering to existing customers. Combining resources and information will also enhance the strength of both companies and provide exclusive product solutions to the marketplace.

Management for both companies state the current senior members will remain within the organisations and operations will continue as normal. Rhyannon Bowne, Phoenix Ovens CEO and Business Associate, commented "We expect the future will be a time of rapid growth supported by our focus on flexibility, innovation and quality. This development brings together two companies with common values and objectives to achieve great success".


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